Semi-Fab Technologies Webcomic

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About Semi-Fab Webcomic

These comics were originally illustrated when I was working as an equipment vendor in a fab making RAM and flash memory. Our equipment we sold to our customer was strictly Low Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition (LPCVD) furnaces used in the diffusion process that adds substrate to the wafers. The fab was fairly modern at the time as it was a facility for processing 300mm wafers. As the equipment vendor, I was essentially the onsite warranty for the furnaces. We did have a contract that let our customer use us for maintenance and other such troubleshooting tasks for equipment out of warranty, but the new equipment was our primary responsibility.

Semi-Fab Technologies is a fictional semiconductor manufacture faced with stereotypical challenges of semiconductor fabrication, but perhaps with stereotypical characters responding atypically. Semi-Fab may be short for Semiconductor Fabrication Technologies or Semi-Fabulous Technologies, the corporate executives never did decide and thus Semi-Fab Tech skipped the phase of the long-form name and when straight to the shortened version. Currently Semi-Fab Tech employees have a betting pool for when the board will shorten the name. Currently 18 months and "SFT" are the leading bets.

Currently there is no plan to develop new comics. However, if you would like to see more, support me on Patreon and let me know via the contact form.

Unless noted, all events and characters are purely fictional. No events occurred as depicted in these comics. The characters in the comic do not depict any real or actual people.

If you'd like to see more of these comics, let me know via the contact form and support me on Patreon. You can also check out my other comic Fluidstasis and bug me to fix the site hosting if it's not working.