Semi-Fab Technologies Webcomic

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Wait a while... it's a big one! Here we can see all the characters in the comic, including the ones never featured.
As the representative of the equipment supplier, he's the go to guy to determine what the equipment is actually doing. Last known employment is thought to be with one of the Diffusion tooling suppliers.
She is a process engineer directing wafers to equipment in her department and verifying if they completed the process step successfully or require rework.
New Guy
As the new maintenance tech, the FNG gets the brunt of the work and possesses the least of the know-how. Fortunately, his inexperience doesn't impede his willingness to intervene. The only thing that slows him down is the Process Engineers hiding his tools.
Fat Guy
As the senior maintenance tech, he knows all the hiding spaces and generally knows what equipment will fail before the process is complete. Probably because he might have inadvertently exposed the wafers a little bit of atmosphere during production when starting maintenance on the wrong equipment.
Black Guy
Like the Chick, he is another process engineer routing wafers through the production facility, determining if equipment must go down for maintenance, and modifying process recipes.
The Engineer is charged as the final authority and responsible person for the production equipment.
Wafer Zombies
Not much is understood about the Wafer Zombies. It is thought that the Process Engineers can telepathically control them to move wafers from one piece of equipment to another, but this has yet to be confirmed.
These guys are responsible for ensuring every day is unique and exciting.